Welcome To Onar Way

GUANG ZHOU ONAR WAY FURNITURE CO., LTD is situated in Guangzhou, near the Baiyun mountain. Its north is close to the new Guangdong Highway where joined the GuangQing truck line on the west and connected to Guangshen expressway from east.

In the past 20 years, the company experienced the change and reform but the business still running smoothly. The company is outstanding at management, technician, designer, and marketing team. Continue innovating and remarkable quality is the dream of each ONAR WAY staff.

We mainly produce modern and fashionable furniture used in the living room and dining room. Such as sofa, coffee table, dining room set, bar stool, bar table, TV cabinet set, wine chest, book cabinet and leisure chair. Our products are exported to USA, Canada, France, Spain and so on.

Featured Products

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